Keep your hand on the Wheel, Not On Your Cellphone!


Mobile phones have become more and more compact and easy to use since they were first introduced. They have helped us in many ways—both socially and financially. But in some cases, the use of mobile phones can be life-threatening such as when it is used behind the wheel, which causes a lot of auto accidents, injuries and deaths each year. Cellphone use while driving, including other activities that distract driving is a rising risk factor in auto accidents.

In many localities all around the nation, both local and state police are issuing costly citations in the aim of reducing the number of drivers driving with one hand on their mobile phone.

Unfortunately, just a few moments after receiving the fine, drivers are back on the road again with their cell phones on their ears when it rings the next time.

This citation is similar to getting caught driving through a red light—all you get is a fine, only seldom would you get a deterrent. Due to this, you receive no points on your license and neither will your insurance provider penalize you for your mischievousness; hence, everything is forgotten after you’ve paid your fines. Perhaps, if you were aware that car insurance rates would actually increase you would be much more careful.

Since there isn’t any evident reduction in the number of drivers using their mobile cell phones while driving, some states and car insurance agencies have decided to chasten things up. In some states across the United States, a new type of law will one driving related point on the license of drivers caught using their mobile phones while driving. This could mean farewell time to your cheap auto insurance policy. The new law intends to discourage the use of cellphones while driving through instructing the insurers of caught drivers to increase their premiums.

For those who can’t live without their cellphone, the law and auto insurance agencies does permit the use of hands free devices while driving.

The use of Blue Tooth Devices is encouraged for those who really need their cellphone even while driving. If your mobile phone is unable to support Blue Tooth, many specialty cell phones shops and even Wal-Mart and Target sell hands-free accessories for less than ten bucks.

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